Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Bahrainian Grand Prix clashed with Mothers Day!

Not only was it Mothers Day here in the Uk, it was also the first race of the new 2010 Formula One Grand Prix season... As my regular readers will know, we are huge F1 fans in this house. This also meant I had a treat on my hands, my challenge was to cook a traditional dish from the Bahraininan region.  As usual I went to my favourite recipe site and found this recipe Traditional Bahraini Chicken Machbous

WOW it was wonderful, such a plate full of flavours that my taste buds couldn't quite keep up with it. Limes, coriander, caramelized chicken pieces, rose water, baharat spice was all so amazing!  Light and full of flavour, it was almost like a salad rather than a curry with sauce as I am used to.

I served it with a fresh Okra Salad  not sure how traditional this is, but it made a great side dish, the okra was blanched for 3 minutes which kept it crunchy. I used balsamic vinegar in the dressing and this added something special to the dressing!

For dessert I made Semolina Halwa this is not our typical dessert but it was lovely, I reduced the sugar by half as we don't have a sweet tooth but the texture and flavours were great, stuffed with sultanas, pistachios, coconut and 

A good mothers day all round!

To Welliesheep, Geeksheep & Gingersheep - Thank you for my gifts!


Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day Julie, bad breath and all! xxoo (Looks like a delicious way to go!)

Tulip said...

Thanks Marie, Happy Mothers day to you too!
My breath is sweet with coriander, rose water and not bad at all! lol The dish was truly amazing!