Monday, 15 March 2010

Coffee Kisses

This entry was written in the February half term but then it got lost in the draft copy wonderland that is my laptop.
Thought I'd post it now. They were lovely and she deserves to get credit for them. Only thing is, I hope she doesn't make them again soon. We ate the whole batch in one afternoon... scary how addictive we found them!

Its half term this week, which usually means the kids take over the in years gone past they have all been in there, cook books marked and flour scattered. However its all a bit quiet these days, one of them works full time the other is a student and spends most of the time in the bathroom or sleeping which leaves my 14yr old all alone in the kitchen. :-(

This half term she decided that she would use the Bero cook book. This little book brings back so many memories for me, it was the book I used in home economics (well that’s what we called it back in our day!!!!) I was given a copy back in 1982 and have used it weekly ever since. Its falling to pieces, pages have stuck together and some of the recipes can’t be read, but I’ll stick it and mend it and keep it forever…however I was so pleased to receive a new copy in the post by my very good friend Chris. She sent me a 40th edition copy and Jo loves it, its not sticky for one, but has all the same recipes in. She sat in the living room with a packet of mini post it notes and labelled all the recipes she intends to make over the week. First on her list were coffee kisses, these were one of the first things I made at school (the very first being the dreaded mincemeat stuffed apples…. (Who in their right mind thinks this would be a great first recipe for children? My horrible H.E. teacher that’s who!!!)

Just the smell brought back memories of my cookery lessons, the light in the class room, the smell of the electric oven, the taste of that first bite….oh it was too much to resist, I ate 6 of them with a strong cup of coffee…the were blissfully delicious! Paul couldn’t stop eating them either. Not sure we will have any left to share amongst guests, visitors or grandparents….oh well there is always the large Madaleine, or heart shaped chocolate biscuits to offer!

Jo-Jo's Coffee Kisses


Marie said...

Oh yummy! Those look so so good! I have that Be Ro book. I am off to check it out! I have clearly missed some goodies!

Belinda Wood said...

Oh how funny - my friend (Peppy Scott) PC colleague too, made a batch of these for my coffee morning yesterday! They were a new discover for me and I am now totally hooked.