Wednesday, 9 April 2008


These photos don't give justice to this meal at all. The texture is lost for one and oh how I wish aroma vision was invented so you could smell the wonderful aromas through your monitors...there's loads going on in this dish, soft smoked fish, onions, the grated cauliflower 'rice', the hard boiled eggs,just wonderful. The flavours of the curry powder and fresh parsley burst on your tongue...we will have to have this again soon it was superb.

Paul heated it up the next day and apart from the eggs being a little rubbery it was just as nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tulip - really interested to see your Paella and Kedgeree pics. Which look fab, btw :)

Wondered if I could pick your brains..? Do you grate your cauliflower raw with a cheese grater? I find it SO hard to do this consistently - the first bit of the floret grates okay, but then the rest sort of disintegrates into mini florets! I have tried sticking it in the blender on the main chopping blade and ended up more with cous cous.

Am wondering whether the best thing would be to use the grater blade on the blender, actually... sorry - might have answered my own question there... but any tips as to how you do it would be appreciated! I would love to make the kedgeree/paella but think it's prob very important that it still retains some 'bite' in the cauliflower rather than being soggy... so the size of each 'grain' is probably important...?

Thanks in advance,
Dilettante x

Sylvie said...

Mmmhhhh, Kedgeree.

Jan said...

Looks good to me!

Marie said...

Tulip I can smell it from here! It smells gorgeous!