Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Cauliflower Rice

I have been asked loads of time about preparing and cooking cauliflower rice. I will post cleochatras link, but let me tell you the different ways I have prepared it.

  1. Fresh and raw on a hand held large cheese grater....nightmare...very very messy, grazed knuckles etc...won't do that again!

  2. Fresh raw cauli, grated on a fine blade (its the only one I have). This way was quick and gave very good results. Bieng on the fine blade it was quite a small cut but still had great texture....but it was quite messy...small cauli bits EVERYWHERE!!! This is the one I used for the paella and kedgeree.

  3. Frozen or fresh, gently steamed then allowed to cool then grated on a large hand held cheese grater. This was quite easy to do, not quite as messy as other ways. It gave a bigger cut so I used this in the cauliflower pizza base and breadstick recipes. But the next way I am going to try is a ricer...that's what Cleochatra does!

Hope this answers some of your questions, Marie, Dilettante and others?

Cleochatra's fried rice


Bee said...

A ricer!!! Doh! Why didn't I think of that? I use a food processor with a grating attachment... did it by hand the first time, needed safety goggles and a dustpan and brush.

Anonymous said...

I used a food processor with the ordinary blade not the grater,and it was so easy a couple of pulses and done! Love your Blog Tulip!

My friends call me Tulip said...

I know what you mean about the safety goggles and I used the vacumn

Anon - I have used the blade on the processor but it turned out more like cous-cous...great with roast vegetables and a lime dressing.

cleochatra said...

Hi there!

I have discovered that a cheese grater works wonderfully for the larger florets, but that when you end up with the abysmally small pieces that threaten to cause you to shred fingers that a quality knife works as well!

I haven't tried using a ricer, because I have so many things in my kitchen, I would have lost it!

Your pictures look so delicious!


Marie said...

Thanks Tulip! Will give this a try!

My friends call me Tulip said...

Hi Cleochatra,
I could have sworn it was your suggestion to use a ricer! Good suggestion, whose ever it was! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm still not clear and a cauli has sat a week in my frige because I'm dithering!
Is the grater you used in para2 a food processor? I am doubting this as you then describe the cauli fallout which would have been contained. So what exactly is the difference between your upright cheese grater and the tool you next used? I've got the upright version with 4 sides - nutmeg, parmesan, cheese or apple and then the 3 horizontal cutters which I have never used. I'm presuming it is the cheese/apple one but then your first attempt sounds like that too! I don't have a processor or ricer

My friends call me Tulip said...

Dear Anon - If you have the 4 sided grater, lightly steam your cauli, let it cool so its ok to handle then grate it on the cheese/apple side, its probs the best way. Mind your fingers when you get to the little pieces or do what Cleochatra suggests and use a knife for those bits. Go for is very versatile and tastes great...what are you waiting for!!!

Bee said...


It doesn't really matter how you get your cauli into small bits. It also doesn't matter if some bits are a bit bigger than other bits. What does matter is if you don't actually do anything at all because that guarantees that you won't get to enjoy a super-versatile vegetable in one of its finest guises :) Go on, be a devil.... give it a try.