Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 30... 10 days left...

Thursday morning and I woke up starving, which is a sure sign I am wheat free. I don't get hungry when I'm stuffed full of wheat, that bloated feeling takes that away, so breakfast was a welcomed sight today.

3 slices of unsmoked back bacon, a large open cap mushroom stuffed with Gouda cheese and a fried egg all washed down with two latte mugs full of hot water... now that should last me until lunch!

I'm am being treated by my Mum to a pamper day complete with  three course home cooked lunch. Now I'm not getting my hopes up too much here, its a day that has been arranged by her sheltered housing team and although they usually organise some fab treats, trips and social events, I will be the youngest one there by miles, the only one with my own teeth (expecting soft vegetables and a mushy pudding!) and the only one who will be able to out run the warden...wish me luck, I'll report back as to what war time favourite meal I had to endure!!!

Well I take it all back, I don't have photos but it was a very pleasant day. The three course lunch was a revelation... really really nice. I had melon and ginger for starter, orange chicken with roasted vegetables (I left the potatoes) and to finish I had a small portion of fruit salad with double cream.  Damage limitation... no wheat which is my problem so great on that front and nothing too bad on the IPD front... I even won the raffle!

Dinner - Depends on what I am fed at lunch time, I may make a cauliflower pizza base with a garden ranch topping!

I did make the pizza... and very nice it was too...
Cauliflower pizza base

with a garden ranch topping

The recipes can be found on this page.... click here!

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