Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 29 Wednesday

What did I eat on Wednesday?

I'm slipping, I should do this daily and I won't forget but life is rather busy at the moment....

Oh, I remember, I had a breakfast meeting with fellow Pampered Chef Directors, so it was a full English minus the beans and toast and lashings of coffee that made the meeting buzz... or was that because we were in the presence of Pampered Chef Royalty???  Either way it was a fab meeting, very focused and very inspiring... I've never had so much training and support... oh I do love my job... and I feel very privileged to have found a business that I love even more than the one I ran back in 2005!

From my meeting I went on to my day job... equally rewarding but office based. I sat at my desk and ate my homemade turkey ceaser salad, well it was lunch time!

Dinner was a rushed affair as I chose to nap and slept a little longer than expected... I had my crackers from yesterday spread with homemade chicken liver pate. They were a little soft today :-(  I think keeping in the plastic tub didn't help, I much prefer to sore crisp things in a air tight tin, so when I make a second batch that's what I'll do and report back to you....

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