Sunday, 27 March 2011


A quick recap from Saturday...

I probably didn't eat enough on Saturday, after such a late big breakfast I didn't need to eat again until about 4pm where I had the leftover smoked mackerel salad with the mustard and oil dressing from Friday. I had a show that night so didn't eat again. Lots of water though so I don't feel too bad!

Sunday started with me starving so I had a small portion of porridge made with water and a teaspoon of honey on. Not P1 but I knew I wasn't going to eat until later in the afternoon and it was sooo good!

Trying to get a decent photo of all of them is pretty hard
I need that windows cloud programme me thinks!!!

Today we had a family lunch planned as our middle daughter is off to Italy next weekend to work for the summer. Grandparents gathered and meat was roasted. It was Beccy's choice to have chicken and beef and it was lovely, beef cooked rare and the chicken was melt in the mouth perfect.  I didn't have any alcohol even though the family supped sherries and wine but I did have a couple of roast potatoes AND... this is where I really fell off the wagon... a portion of apricot cobbler!!!  I've had lots of water and don't feel too guilty, I've been great for the last 18 days and not missed desserts at all but our Sunday's are precious, especially this one!

Next time I will make sure the dessert is wheat free so I lessen the  'cheat'!

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