Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 20...

Half Way There!!!
Day 20 and apart from the slip up yesterday I've been spot on! No idea what I have lost as we still have no batteries in our scales.  I will try to remember the next time I go to my in-laws!  I do feel better though, my work trousers are loose and I've lost that bloated feeling and I no longer have back fat, well not much anyhoo!!!

I've drank loads of water today but as usual after eating wheat I am only just starting to feel the need to eat and its just after mid day :-(  I have a rare roast beef salad planned for lunch but really dont' fancy it at the moment. I'm going to make myself some sort of frittata filled with beef, mushroom, chilli and garlic... I'll pop back and show you a photo later!

Dinner - Chicken with cauliflower rice

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Marie said...

You are doing so well Julie. I really admire your willpower and tenacity!! You amaze me! xxoo