Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday Day 18

Well I made it through the party without going too far from the pink path!  I drank G &T's without the G and I really didn't notice, I even felt a bit giggly with the excitement of the party so really didn't miss the alcohol part eitehr. 
It was also good that I was able to drive home at the end of it too, as the end arrived a little earlier than expected for us! Beccy suffered a migraine and we had to leave early :-(

Food was good though - we packed an in car picnic for the journey as we left straight after Jo had come in from school. While they snacked on pringles and munchies (*their choice as I don't choose to feed them such cr@p) I had chicken bites 7 kabanos. The party food couldn't have been any better, my sister had put a fab spread of different cheeses, crudites, cooked meats and crusty french bread (which I declined) so no cheats there!  The birthday boy was feeling no pain when we left last night, no idea how he's feeling this morning, still had no reply from my text. I do have the urge to ring him and sing (in a very loud voice) the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, all 4 verses!!!!

On to today - Its another bright day, I have a clear head and a full tummy! 
For breakfast I had another Pampered Chef Stoneware cooked breakfast, complete with sausages, bacon, fried egg, mushrooms (have you tried baked mushrooms in the stoneware? Out of this world!!!) and roasted mini plum tomatoes.

Lunch - Can't even think about lunch yet as that breakfast will keep me going for ages yet. I do have salad stuff and cold meats in the fridge so something along those lines will probably play a big part should I need something.

Dinner - A vegetable curry is what I fancy at the moment, something light but flavoursome, with a bit of a kick, I also want to try that cauliflower technique again but using fresh cauli this time, I think it will turn out even better.

Pop back for recipes and photos once I've done them. 

I am getting a lot of readers from the IPD website, I hope its all going as well for you as it is for me, I'm losing weight and feeling much better and I don't feel as if I've compromised my diet either, in fact I am probably eating more vegetables and variety now than I was beforehand. Share your story, tell me how you are doing, I love reading your comments!

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