Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 12

Sunday Today we had a mixed frittata for breakfast, I say mixed because I added all those little bits from the bottom of the fridge. Small amount of onion, a little bit of sausage meat rolled into small balls, the leftover salsa gave it a real kick. 4 eggs for the two of us and I cooked it until it was golden and crispy on the edges, just how we like it! We ate it in bed while reading our books.. what a great way to start the day!

Lunch - We were out at Johan's baptism, Hot pork rolls, applesauce and crackling, with an assortment of puddings. I ate the pork, the crackling and then crumbled and had a portion of the chocolate orange pudding, everyone was raving about it, I so wish I hadn't, lovely though it was, the wheat is killing me now, it sat in my tummy all evening, so much so that I only had a small bowl of soup in the evening!

Dinner - Spicy butternut Squash & Smoked Salmon Soup  This is Paul's favourite soup, its creamy with the coconut milk, has his favourite salmon in it and it has a little bit of heat from the curry powder. I have made enough for us to have it for lunch one day next week too!

Not enough water today and no exercise, but it is supposed to be a day of rest!

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Marie said...

It all sounds very lovely Julie. So sorry the pudding didn't sit well. (((hugs)))