Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Morning - Day 13

Well, I start this week feeling much better than I did the last. I have had one cheat in the whole 13 days and I seriously regret that. The pudding yesterday was lovely but its still killing me, I didn't sleep too well last night because of it and have no desire for breakfast this morning. Not a good feeling. I did however cycle to and from the supermarket on Saturday and the excerise made me feel good. My work trousers are no longer tight and I have bags more energy so I will continue with no more slip ups
No breakfast as yet!

Edited to update you. I've had breakfast now, I had to be up for 3 hours before I felt ready to eat, but that will be the wheat I had yesterday!

Fried egg, bacon and sausage medley with a couple of sundried tomatoes thrown in the pan for good measure. Very tasty!

Snacks - Can't think of any I fancy but Paul went of to work with the last two kabanos, so I won't be having them!

Lunch - Cauliflower & Stilton Soup made fresh last night and will reheat at lunch time.

Dinner - Butter Chicken or Lamb Curry - you decide - There's a poll at the top of this blog, choose what I eat tonight!

The Butter Chicken Won!!!

The recipe is in the pink book (pge 145  - I think!)  or on the forum if you don't have the book!

Chicken, onions, tomatoe and a selection of Indian spices and double cream! 
Dee-lish---us -
Well voted guys!!!

  click on the links to get to the recipes. If there's a broken link or you can't find it, email me or leave me a comment and I'll get straight back to you.

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Marie said...

Ohh, am loving that I get to help you pick your supper! Hope you feel better soon! xxoo