Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 11


Breakfast - Changed my mind, we had bacon and salsa stuffed avocado melts. There was slightly too much chilli in the salsa but tasy all the same.

Snack - Not sure if I'll need any snacks today, breakfast was late and very filling and I'm scouring the pink forum to look for something scrummy for lunch.
If you have a suggestion, do let me know, I love trying new recipes

Lunch: Short of time so had a salad instead, made a simple dressing from olive oil, white wine vinegar, oregano, S&P and mustard.

Dinner will  still be Lamb Dopiaza with a side of Nepalesean vegetables (at the moment, it may change!)


Marie said...

Your meals sound fabulous. I wish I wasn't so lazy! xxoo

Tulip said...

Marie - you, lazy, phahh, pull the other one, you never stop!!! You just need to open the right cookbook. In fact, don't you have this pink book I'm working from?

Marie said...

I do, I do . . . but like I said, I am so lazy. I just can't get motivated! I need to ban chocolate and anything white from my house!