Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bacon & Avocado Melts

"Absolutely scrummy!" Was how Paul described his breakfast this morning. I had to take it out of the skin for him which made it look a little man-handled, but hey these meals have got to be Dyspraxic friendly. Any tricky manovers with knife fork or spoon could end up with frustration which takes from the dinning experience!!!

My avocados must have been smaller than those that Bee chosen when writing this recipe as I only used 2 rashers of bacon and I still had some left! I also subbed a small piece of finely chopped red onion and red pepper (not sure if that is IPD friendly??) for the salsa as I didn't have any and had no intentions of making any at 6am on a windy Thursday morning. Followed the recipe exactly after that and they were fantastic! The avocado was soft and creamy it went really well with the bacon and cheese...After polishing it off in record time, I felt like I had been hugged by my breakfast ...comfort food for the soul. "This is not diet food, this is Bee's IPD food" This is to be my new catch phrase...she needs a medal!!

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