Sunday, 7 November 2010

Caramel Cake

I first tasted this delicious cake when Caroline made it for our weekly toddler group, now you regular readers will know I ain't got not  but Caroline's cake is worth heading into the church hall for a fat slice of cake... The recipe for Caramel Cake - comes from Ruth's blog the Pink Whisk, she wasn't the runner up of  Great British Bake Off for nothing... this is amazing!!!

 A moist cake, made fatter by using my regular sandwich tin and not the size that Ruth had called for. It was sandwiched together with caramel butter icing with caramel icing... the finishing touch was the crushed diam bars on the top!

I could have eaten two pieces at a time, instead I cut one large piece!!!

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NoahandJonahsmama said...

Looks fab Julie, it is a gorgeous cake to be sure :o)