Monday, 1 November 2010

Jamie Olivers 30 Minute Menu - Stuffed Mushrooms Crispy New Potatoes & Beetroot & Feta Salad

Taken from Jamie's 30 minute menu, this was the one he made the steak sarnie with, we did it without as there was plenty of food for mid week.  It was easy to put together but wouldn't have done it in 30 minutes if I'd made the sandwich as well and the results we had were variable too. :-(

Now I like feta and I love beetroot but this was so-so for me, probably not enough texture, soft beetroot, soft cheese, OK, though I won't be dashing to make it again!

Stuffed mushrooms -
I've made these before but by adding the chili and the lemon just takes them to a different level they were Divine!! Could have eaten more - Paul missed the meat!
The crispy new potatoes were easy to cook, with the wide pan and pre boiled water they didn't take long at all, drained and fried in the same pan saved washing up too.
Had the royal seal of approval from the kids too!

I am definitely getting this book , this is the third menu I've done and with the exception of the beetroot salad we've loved them all!

I've been instructed to make the sarnie from this one and leave the vegetables out... nuff said!

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