Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another one of Jamie's 30 minute meals!

Sea bass and crispy pancetta, sweet potato mash, Asian greens, sparkling lemon ginger drink  This really was made in 30 minutes although the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it, but boy oh boy was it worth it.

The Pampered Chef Reversible Bamboo Carving Board was perfect for mixing the sweet potato dressing on, the dip in the middle meant it stayed where it was suppose to!

The sparkling lemon & ginger drink was really really nice I wasn't expecting it to be, after all its ginger, lemon and a bit of lemonade topped up with fizzy water.... what a great flavoured water so refreshing and left me with a smug.... I made that feeling!!! Can't wait to try the pomegranate one now...

I'm not too confident about cooking fish but I followed his instructions exactly and it turned out absolutely perfect, the skin was beautifully crisp and the flesh cooked just right!  Paul was a little skeptical about the bacon with fish but again, spot on!

Asian vegetables were very easy to do and very tasty, loved the idea of dressing the bowl then adding the warm vegetables, got stuck in with my hands and I loved it! Didn't have asparagus so used french green beans instead.... just as nice!
Didn't make the dessert as Tesco were out of stock of all frozen fruit.... should have gone to Sainsbury's!!!


Jan said...

You did well Julie! Looks delish.

daphne said...

I absolutely adore that recipe... but kids might resist on it because of having that broccoli on their plate.

Tulip said...

Thanks Jan, it was a fab menu.

Daphne - If you can get your kids to eat fish, don't worry about the broccoli, swap it for a veg they will eat. Mine wouldn't have eaten either!!!