Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dr. Who fan's are going to love this...

I know I rave on about my Pampered Chef Stoneware  all the time but its fab...whether your making a simple snack of French bread pizza or a family size lasagne, it stands up to the job. However, did you know...if you carefully and with a slow rhythmm run the mini serving spatula down the length of the medium bar pan, it sound uncannily like Dr. Who’s Tardis landing??? No, seriously it does, Paul was in the hall, I was in the kitchen clearing the remains of the flapjacks out of the medium bar pan, with said implement and WOW….it was that life like Paul popped his head round the door expecting to see the police box!!! Try it and let me know if yours makes the same noise!

Here I split a part baked baguette, topped with a simple homemade tomato sauce, grated our favourite cheddar cheese and sprinkled it with roughly torn wafer thin need to stop at the kebab shop on the way home from the pub. Not when its this easy to make a late night snack. Cooking it on a medium bar pan  crisps up the outside of the bread but leaves the middle fluffy and soft. No warping, no hot spots and because it stays warm for up to 30 minutes, you can leave your second piece in the pan to keep warm, while you nom down the first...Delish!

Cornish Pasties in a well seasoned Classic Deep Dish Baker 
For the recipe click here or go to Marie's English Kitchen blog

Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken. I will never cook a chicken in anything other than my Deep Dish Baker

My absolute favourite piece of stoneware has got to be my rectangular Baker. Big enough to cope with the hungry lot I feed and it makes the most wonderful lasange, crispy not burnt on the edges and cooked right through to the middle. Try Jo Mama's World Famous Spaghettii Sauce its the best!

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Marie said...

I'll have to start saving my pennies Julie. Some of those pieces are on my wish list.