Friday, 22 January 2010

He doesn’t send me flowers….

It’s funny the things that happen when an Interflora van turns up! Firstly I wasn’t in, so the delivery driver called at my neighbours to see if she would take them in for me. Her first reaction was to get excited, she thought this beautiful bouquet was for her, then she was disappointed because she realised they were for me. She told Claire all this when she brought them round, I still wasn’t in and it got them all guessing who could have sent me such a fab flowers??? They knew they wouldn’t be from their dad, he’s only ever bought me a bunch of flowers very early on in our relationship…if he sent them now I’d think he was up to something!!! My boss always sends me flowers at Christmas….but this was January…not even Valentines Day…the plot thickened…. Has she got a secret admirer? Nah…that was dismissed as quickly as they had thought it!

They were so intrigued Claire just had to open the card….

Happy Valentines to follow!
From Karen on behalf of Interflora!

Not what they were expecting at all!!! Who's Karen was the first thing they asked when I got through the door!

Karen had used The Flower House florist in Tredworth, not one I would have thought to used, but I certainly would now after seeing this arrangement. The roses are huge…and so fresh and the smell reminds me of the summers of my childhood. My Dad loved to grow roses especially red ones, so they always remind me of him…good choice Karen! They are lovely!

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Marie said...

Very pretty Julie. I got a mixed bouquet, also very pretty and chocolates. I don't do wine, but the chocolates were really scrummy!