Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Recipe of the Month!!!

Mini banoffee pies made in the deluxe mini muffin pan

A list of ingredients more than a recipe...

  • short crust pastry rolled into walnut shaped balls, dibbed out with my mini tart shaper

  • prick bottom of pastry with a fork to stop it puffing up

  • Cook at 200c for 15 minutes

  • Slice a banana using an egg slicer and place a slice into the tart

  • Top with a teaspoon of Carnation caramel

  • Whip cream with a double balloon whisk

  • Pipe cream on top of the tarts with easy accent decorator

  • grate dark chocolate with microplane
Now you don't need all these pampered chef products to make these scrummy little tarts but they do help to whip them up in no time! These are the most requested dessert of October, my kids love them and lets face it, bananas, toffee, chocolate...hey what's not to like???


Marie said...

Those look delicious JUlie!! I need one of those mini tart tampers. How much are they?

Tulip said...

Marie, they are FANTASTIC!!!
Click on the link of the products and it will take you to my pampered chef page, where prices are given. If you want one, I can add it to my breat cancer fundraiser for you and post it from here, so you don't need to pay shipping. Email me if you decide to buy one.