Monday, 7 September 2009

Garlic tear and share bread made with Kerrymaid garlic butter!

I love this recipe, its so simple and using my pampered chef pan I can cook the garlic butter and onions in the frying pan add the dough and pop the whole thing into the oven to cook!
I make this quiet often, its filling, tasty and makes the meal go a bit further if the girls bring friends home. My usual recipe sees me making my own garlic butter and pizza dough but the other day I had a pampered chef host tell me how she made it the easy way. She used kerrymaid garlic butter and a packet pillsbury dinner rolls. She melted the garlic butter in her frying pan, fried onions and coated the split dinner rolls in the butter. All that was left to do was top with grated cheese and pop them in the oven and cook the rolls as directed on the packet! Fantastic!!!

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Marie said...

That looks really tasty Julie. I haven't been able to find Pillsbury anything over here though?? Where do you get them?

Tulip said...

Maire, I'll agree with you, its not easy to find them, but sainsbury's do a sara lee version, I think I found Pillsbury in waitrose and Aldi and Lidel do their own versions [at a fraction of the cost may I add!!] All in the chiller cabniets near the ready made pastries!

Tulip said...

PS - My kids like the crossiant versions, they like to make their own pain au chocolat with cadbury's chocolate....hmmmmm!!!

Karine said...

This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)