Thursday, 13 August 2009

My Tulsa Tin

I have been saving coppers in this tin for quite a while now, its supposed to get me my air fare to Tulsa to visit my good friend and fellow Northern Chris.

Its an old mini t-shirt tin that Paul had for Father's day one year. Filled with money it makes an excellent door stop for our bedroom.

As you can see, its not very full, its going to take me years to get there at this rate...but I have a plan! I'm going to schedule one extra show a month with Pampered Chef and I'm going to open a savings account aptly named 'The Tulsa Fund' and pay the commission for that extra show into it to help boost the tin! You see, I'd like to be able to take Paul to the Grand Canon for his 50th birthday which he WILL mind me telling you, is in 2 years time. Better get my skates on its not long really.

And before you all come back with comments that Tulsa is no where near the Grand Canon, I KNOW....its just that if I'm going that far on a ruddy airplane I may as well get to see my buddy at the same time!!!

Oh and if you are reading this Paul....well you've gone and spoilt your surprise!!! lol

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