Friday, 14 August 2009

I need a new bookcase!

...and have done for sometime!
The old one went to freecycle with the intentions of me going out and buying a new, bigger, shinier...holds much more books type of bookcase! It never happened, we never got round to it and then Paul was out of work! So the books are pile up high against my bedroom wall, getting messier and wonkier and the 'ornaments' are balance precariously on top!!!

I've had a good August with Pampered Chef adding 2 more shows than I first thought so those extra shows are going to buy me a new bookcase!!! Nothing fancy just the same wood as the rest of my bedroom furniture with lots and lots of shelves to put all our books! IKEA here I come!!!

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Marie said...

I had to chuckle when I saw this Julie! In the past year we have purchased 9 bookcases. You know the reason why as you have seen my collection. Somehow it keeps growing! (I plead the 5th!)