Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How exciting...we* have a new camera!

I've been having problems with my camera for quite a while now, it's rather old and for the past few months it has been misbehaving. You have to give it a good old whack to make the screen turn on, the whole thing turns off when it feels like it and the settings are all over the place.
It has made food blogging very difficult, I can tell you. I had used my daughters phone for some of my recent dishes but they are still on her camera coz Dad went off with her laptop where her phone programme is...life sometimes is way too complicated!!!
I can't wait for them to turn red!
So the new camera arrived and by the time I got home from collecting Jo from her hols Bex had it up and running and had taken a mass of photos. *I must make it clear that the camera is actually Beccy's, I'm allowed to use it for my food and other such occasion's but its hers and she has first dibs. She's given me a quick crash course on how to use it and I can't wait for the weekend as I'm away at my friends hen party...lots of photo opportunities there!!!
For now I'll show you some that were taken in the garden...
I've had lots and lots of raspberries this year!

Can't believe I've grown something so pretty.

WOW this camera is good.

and finally,
it was so hot today that Ozzy found a draughty cool spot on my bathroom floor, right under the open window


Nicisme said...

Brilliant photos Tulip - my favourite one is the one of Ozzy, gotta love that cute doggie!
What camera is it?

Marie said...

Great pictures Julie! I Loved them all, but especially the one of Ozzy's little tootsies! How sweet!

Tulip said...

Thanks Guys...he is sooo cute, he didn't even wake up when Bex took the photo!
The camera is a Sony H20

Rosanna said...

How sweet pictures of those flowers... Love them all. Picture quality of your camera is so nice!!