Friday, 3 October 2008

Pillow's Carbonara

Cabbage, bacon & garlic...

The finished dish

Another recipe from the forum, this time its Pillows (I just love the names on this forum) A simple carbonara using ribbons of sweetheart cabbage instead of pasta. I used my ordinary carbonara recipe for this and just subbed the cabbage for the pasta. Sauteing it with the bacon and garlic until cooked , I like it to still have some bite so about 2 minutes tops! This meal tasted very healthy, despite the cream and the cheese and salty bacon the cabbage lifted it and made it a lighter option than the pasta. I don't know if its just me with my wheat intolerance but pasta always makes me feel sluggish after eating it...I need to sleep...after this dish I just wanted to be greedy and have another bowlful!

Thanks 'Pillow' for inspiring me to use one of my old favourite recipes and turn it into an new IPD friendly one. Apparently, I made this dish over 6 months ago but had obviously forgotten about it, only rememberd when i seen an old post on Pillow's thread. That's the problem I have...I very rarely make anything twice...fantastic dish never-the-less!

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Marie said...

As always, quite delicious looking. I need to call the Doctor and see what the results were on my cholesterol tests before I start on anything like this.