Thursday, 2 October 2008

Smoked Vitenamese River Cobbler

We love fish...when I say 'we' that will be just me and Paul, the kids won't entertain fish unless its in finger form (homemade of course!).
I am trying to get away from the usual cod and haddock varieties so when i fancied smoked haddock I asked my fishmonger for an alternative and she suggested this.
£6.99 per kg as opposed to £10.99 for smoked haddock.

That Bee has a lot to answer for....

...she's created a fishy cabbage cooking monster

It was firmer and more filling than the haddock and took a little longer than my salmon dish does. For that it takes 8 minutes for two fillets on full power in a 850 watt. The river cobbler was cooked for 10 minutes, sat on a bed of finely ribboned sweetheart cabbage with a knob of butter and cracked black pepper on top...Delish!!!


Marie said...

So, is River Cobbler the name of a fish Tulip? I've never heard of it!! We no longer have a fish monger in Paddock Wood. I shall have to search one out.

Tulip said...

The fish is called Vitemamese River was on special in Tesco last week. ;-)