Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Oh I am a Pampered Chef...

What fun we all had at national conference. I went with an open mind but secretly didn't think I'd enjoy it... all those women in one room - Not my idea of fun, BUT......WOW I had a blast. The food, the company the camaraderie...the workshops, were all so enjoyable, fantastically so! The menu from the gala dinner read like this...

Baby Pineapple filled with spicy prawn and noodle
Pan fried canon of Lamb
with pesto crust topping, lamb and pesto jus
Herb flavoured parmentier potatoes
Roast carrots and parsnips with sugar snap peas
Tiramisu torte with bitter chocolate sauce
Coffee with mints

As you can see I didn't lose any weight this weekend but who cares, it was brilliant. I spent the weekend with Diana, we shared a room and had such a giggle. While she is my number one, when I have my future director's hat one, she is becoming one of my good friends too!

In October pampered chefs are asked to hold pink cooking shows in aid of
All recipes will be pink, all host gifts will be converted into cash and money will be raised to help the "Whip Cancer Appeal"I have cute little pins with the breast cancer pink ribbon complete with mini whisk attached to give away to anyone booking or attending a October Pink party...email me if you'd like to help.
Three things set The Pampered Chef apart in the housewares industry: a passion for providing unique, quality products, a dedication to ensuring customers know how to make the most of the products they purchase, and a mission to bring friends and family together through sharing meals.
As you can imagine I spent a great deal of time talking to other pampered chef consultants about our favourite products, favourite recipes, best bits of our shows etc (I was in foodie heaven....food and pc products all weekend!! woohoo!) It got me thinking, I get 100's of visits a day on here, and only a few comments left, so lets change all that, do tell me, what is your favourite pampered chef item, recipe or tale from your cooking shows if you have been to any. Don't be shy I know you are out there. Please leave me a comment, tell me your best bits.
Those of you who have expressed a wish to order can do so by emailing me. The pampered chef link to the right will take you to my directors page (haven't managed to get mine up and running yet) there you can browse the brochure and get back to me here to order...It will be placed by the end of the week, so let me have them soon - thanks!


chris said...

Julie I bet you had a ball. Wish you lived closer I would have a party for you.


Anonymous said...

My favourite Pampered Chef item is the mini muffin tin. I do some freelance catering and use these to do mini parmesan pastry tarts with pesto and cherry tomato or caramelised onion and goats cheese. Have also tried IPD muffins in mini sizes. I did one party where they wanted mini desserts so I did mini meringues, raspberry frangipanes, and lemon tarts in them. Also mini mincemeat tarts for Christmas parties. Other favourites are the mini glass prep bowls with lids, so easy to put odd bits and bobs in the fridge and to cook in an organised way when doing a lot and the big glass batter jug with lid and the potato peeler. Katie