Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bear with has been hectic!

Give me a few days and I will be back in the kitchen...I promise!

I have a free weekend coming up so will be trying the last few dessert recipes from the pink cookbook. I also have company on Monday for a few days this will give me the excuse I need to do something a bit fancy, so I'll be cooking up something worth photographing which will then post on here.

But if you're here you may as well have a look around, check out all the old IPD recipes, I have loads of them, starting way before last January, there are lots of family recipes here you haven't seen them all?
You search through the old stuff, while I busy myself cooking new ones.

Feel free to grab a coffee while you're here...

I'll even give you a choice...which is your favourite?
Decaf added as requested!


Anonymous said...

Thanks T_F, don't see any decaff there! I have been looking through your back catalogue and want to try the kedgeree again - we seem to be living on salads at the mo.


Tulip said...

Ok...I'll add decaff, just for you! I'm naughty I am back to having one or two cups of the real stuff. Much better than before though...I used to get up into double figures before IPD!!!