Sunday, 27 April 2008

Does anyone know the model number of my oven?

For cosmetic purposes, I'd like some new knobs!

But more urgently I need a new hinge for the main oven door!

This oven is a built in belling with a fan main oven and an electric top oven. It was new in 1999 but the model number was on a paper label inside the main oven door and was illegible when I moved in after only 18 months. Neighbour's who have the same model have the same problem and the numbers can't be read. I have pulled the whole thing out as one spare parts dept said there will be model number on the back...but there isn't!

Can anyone help? Belling can't, the house builder can't...I really don't want to get a new one as it works perfectly!!


Angela said...

Julie , OH is a gas engineer and he says it really should be on the back, if not a secondary data badge should be on the inside under one of the side panels. Have you tried HRPC? Z-Mail me if you need more info.

My friends call me Tulip said...

Hi Angela, I've had it out and taken a look on the back and nothing....we did have a data badge in between the door and the main oven but that has worn off...does your OH mean under the side panel? Never taken them off but will if it will save me the cost of a new oven. What is HRPC? Tell you what, I'll go and z-mail you.

Jan said...

I have a Belling - lovely oven but not true about it being on the back - even Belling themselves can't say why there is no model number on ours that is on a metal plate - Fantastic - NOT!
Do you want me to tell you where the model number was??
Oh - on a piece of PAPER that was stuck just in the nook and cranny bit of the oven door (I hadn't noticed it was made of paper when I cleaned it from new) so it burned on the first use never to be read agin LOL
Sorry I'm no help!

My friends call me Tulip said...

Jan - I know where it used to be...and it was on paper...and it burnt off before I moved in as did all the neighbours!!! (new estate!) Spare shops won't touch it, I'm still waiting for belling. I really don't want to change the whole oven just for a door hinge. Hey, do you have a belling, sell me your hinge!!! LOL