Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lamb Leftovers...what else? Bee's Mascarpone Hash!

Leeks, green beans, courgettes, leftover lamb and fresh mint. This is the photo before the mascarpone went in...sorry no photos of the finished dish...I must have been too hungry to wait for the photos!! lol

NB - This heats up in a microwave beautifully, making it a great one for the lunchbox. Add a little water before nuking and give it a stir half way through cooking time. (make sure its piping hot before eating...well obviously let it cool before eating, otherwise you'll burn your gob! You know what I mean lol)

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Marie said...

LOoks mighty tasty as always Tulip!
(by the way I hate the word verification on this thing. Half the time I can't read it at all and I have to do it about six times!)