Monday, 28 April 2008

My latest Oopsie Rolls

Egg whites, pinch of salt & cream of tartar, whisked to stiff peaks in a clean, grease free bowl.

Cream cheese, egg yolks, beaten and egg whites gently folded in

Some went into muffin tins

six oopsie roll on a baking tray

In the oven all risen and golden

Bad photo, but look at the size of those oopsie muffins!!!



Bacon & Mushroom Oopsie Rolls

R: Sausage pattie and fried Tomato Oopsie

I don't know why they decided to sink this time...maybe they needed to be in the oven a little longer on a lower heat. 150c for 30 mins is much better than 20mins at 180c. BUT I've just checked out cleochatra's blog for the original recipe and mine look the same size as her' maybe there not so flat after all.


Anonymous said...

Shurely shome mishtake. Egg whites + cream of tartar rather than salt?
But don't they look gorgeous. Have you tried leaving them overnight in a switched off oven having left the oven door unopened like wot Delia does?

My friends call me Tulip said...

Anon - Shurely they would go soggy if I left them in the un-opened oven...after all, they are not meringues their oopsie rolls? Maybe I will try that with my next back and report back with my findings.

Marie said...

Flat or not, they look gorgeously delicious!

Marie said...

Yayyy!!1 You got rid of the word verification!!! That was a nightmare to this slightly dyslexic menopausal woman!

My friends call me Tulip said...

Dear slighly dyslexic menopausal women, just for you...!

Tempered Woman said...

Forget how they look- how did they taste?!? They look like they were nice and soft. I'm really curious as they don't have any flour?

My friends call me Tulip said...

TW - They were lovely and soft and tasted great! I love filling them with regular sarnie fillings..yum yum!

Anon/Delia fan - wasn't brave enough to leave in oven with door shut so opened it a crack and left to cool....hmmmm not a bad result...will be braver next time.