Saturday, 1 March 2008

Lunch, Cupcakes & Brownies

Today I had lunch in Portishead with a bunch of girls from the IPD forum.

L to R: LTS, Granny Sue, Bee, Lathy, Fruittea, Mavisfab, SkinnieWinnie, Tulip, Josie74, Larabyron, FatWend

I knew that an IPD friendly dessert wouldn’t be on the menu, so I made these little Bee’uties (see what I did there?) for my fellow twiggers. Cupcakes page 205 - I made mini versions

Just out of the oven.

Bite size

And unbelievably, they still looked like this after the motorway journey to Portishead!

The recipe calls for mascarpone cheese for the topping, but because I wanted them to arrive in one piece, I opted for philli cheese as it holds it shape a little better. Next time I will add more vanilla.

I had a lovely lunch of swordfish and salad, unfortunately it wasn't all IPD friendly but 'most of us' managed to eat around those bits!!!
Thanks Lathy (for organising it), Bee (for signing my book), Granny Sue, LTS, Mavisfab, Wend, Lara, Sarah, Skinniewinnie & fruittea. I only wish I'd managed to spend some time with the other side of the table, I was way too busy getting to know the half I was sitting on. (table not twiggers) Next time lets have a speed lunch, let the bell ring and move around the table so we get to talk to everyone, which hopefully won't be too long in the future???

I knew I was going to love my new IPD friends so I thought it would be nice to take them a little pressie to take home (Sorry Sue, I forgot to give you yours before you left!)

12 little gifts


nicisme said...

Oh what fun - looks like you are having a blast!

Tulip said...

Hi Nic, I am, these recipes are delicous.

Marie said...

Wow, I'm impressed Julie! Looks like you had a fab time with all the girls!

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