Sunday, 16 September 2007

Pink Ribbon Foundation Blog Event

I am going to take part in Minko's pink food blogging event. She is doing it for the Pink Ribbon Foundation . I have to enter a recipe that has a pink food in it and I thought my Sweet Mustard Salmon with Garlicky Veg

would be perfect
or shall I enter

Scrambled eggs and Smoked Salmon but there again the Salmon Noodle Salad is pretty good and has the required 'pink' ingredients, the photo's not so good on that one though.

I'll tell you what with over 30 visitors a day, I'll start a poll and you can all decide! So please vote for the one I should submit....don't be shy now, just let me know!



christeeter said...

Hi Tulip, I love this page, its so friendly and delicous.


Marie said...

I like number one!

Tulip said...

Chris, friendly and delicious? That's exactly what I was aiming for!!! Result...Thank you!

Tulip said...

Marie, Number one tastes wonderful!!

nicisme said...

No 1 for me too! I could eat that right now!!

Tulip said...

Thanks Nic, it looks like number 1 is going to win!