Friday, 12 August 2011

Thomasina Miers Torta (Mexican Club Sandwich)

I've got myself a bit of a crush at the moment... in the form of the lovely Thomasina Miers.  I have watched all the episodes of her new series Mexican Food Made Simple and just love it... (I'm saving my pennies for the book now) The recipes I have followed from the website have ALL been easy to make and pack such a flavour punch that we are now gagging for more!

Last weekend (I know, I'm late in posted AGAIN!!!) I made the Torta a HUGE one that I cut into four pieces as I couldn't get hold of individual ciabatta buns.

 Never made re-fried beans before - will never ever use tinned again!

  After toasting the inside of the ciabatta with the juice (fat) from the chorizo it was slathered with homemade mayo and crisp iceberg lettuce

 Topped with the chiorzo & fresh red onion

 The beast is ready!

Cut into 4 individual sandwiches.

Thomasina says " Mention the word ' torta' to any chilango (someone who comes from Mexico City) and you will see a faraway look come over them as they are transported back to the torta stands that line the streeets of the capital.  This sandwich is not for the faint-hearted, but it is exceedingly good .

Good? These were AMAZING - as we bit into them we had that faraway look that made us want to be transported to Mexico!!! You could taste all the separate layers, the oozy mayo, the soft beans, the creamy avocado, the kick from the salsa, the different textures, ooooh, it all went together soooo well! 

They were very filling but we still managed to eat two each.... greedy pigs that we are!


Marie said...

That looks great Julie! Oddly enough I've never been a great fan of Thomasina, although I do have her first cookbook and I did watch her win MasterChef. I think it's because I am so used to North American Tex Mex and her's is quite different. perhaps I need to take another look at her! xxoo

Tulip said...

Marie, you really need to take a closer look. Big flavours, fab textures and reading from the reviews from Mexicans online I'm guessing quite genuine rather than a tex mex stuff x

Bee said...

I've missed all of the programmes so far, hopeless. I wouldn't mind but I've installed Sky+ here for Ma so you would think...

That sandwich looks amazing. I take it the salsa is worth the faff then??

Tulip said...

I missed them too Bee, had to watch them on the PC.. well worth watching again though. Her food is amazing!
Salsa worth the faff, I'll not go back to my old recipe now. I've even used it with eggs for breakfast...dee!!!