Friday, 8 July 2011

Now I've made pork chops in a smoked paprika tomato sauce

Some very dodgy photo came out of this cooking experience today, all a bit blurred and some even fogged up the lenses, but this one wasn't too bad.

Here you can see the chops balancing on their skins trying to get them nice and crisp. It worked! The chops were lovely and tender and moist with a crispy skin. I let them rest and added a small amount of homemade tomato sauce to the pan and mixed them with the remaining juices, to this I added a teaspoon of smoked paprika, once it was all heated through I poured it over the chops!

I'm really into this pork cooking lark now, to think I was nervous about cooking it. The secret is to cook it until it is just pink in the middle, then by allowing it to rest the residual heat finishes off the cooking process! Why I've never thought about this before I have no idea - it's the same principle as cooking a good steak, Jo likes hers as blood as hell and I've got to be so careful not to allow that resting period to cook it too much for her.... simples.... I have learnt so much this week... Education is a marvelous thing and you are never too old to learn new tricks!
So, have you bought any pork to cook this week, if so, leave me a comment and tell me what recipe you used, I'm up for a few more...

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Marie said...

Your chops look great Julie! I think it's hard to take good pictures of meat. At least it has always been so for me. Smoked paprika sounds fabulous. I did mine with a hoisin marinade glaze and they were also fab!