Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 3

Water, water, water... it really does make a difference! When I first started this blog, it was anonymous, no one knew me or who I was talking about, now-a-days it’s a little different so I'm careful what I put as my kids are not too keen on me telling everyone all what's going on in our house BUT... got to share this bit, we've had a bit of a thing with water at the moment, I've challenged one of them to drink as much of their recommended 2 lts of water a day, she's being doing well and you can see the difference in her skin, spots are clearing up and she feels much better too... see water is the way to go! I'm going to drink up all my water today too!

Breakfast- I'm going all continental this morning... Cherry tomatoes rolled up in pastrami, mozzerella rolled up in oak smoked ham, dice cheddar cheese and diced cucumber...I've made this the night before and used it as a grab and go breakfast with great results!

Lunch was a brocolli, salmon and feta bake - good ole Bee, this has got to be one of my favourite recipes of the balance of salty feta, fish and crunch of the brocolli!

Check out other photos of this dish here

Dinner - Family request... Gammon, egg and 'chips' they’ll have ordinary we'll have them made with swede! Edited to say " We opted for the belly pork instead of the gammon as a full english is planned for in the morning!"

Belly pork chopped cooked on the griddle pan with grilled tomato, swede chips and mayo!


Marie said...

Love the idea of Swede Chips! I adore Swede in any way shape or form. xxoo

Quirky Cafe said...

I am making cauliflower cheese with bacon and mushrooms a la "Hairy Bikers". IPD has made me a cauli junkie!! I was reading a article in a mag yesterday and it said to drink a glass of water last thing in night and first thing in morning - so I am going to follow that advice.