Monday, 28 July 2008

Salmon Bake

Taking on board Weemam's ideas to throw whatever's to hand into her bake I did the same yesterday. Tin salmon, soya beans, cauliflower and the eggy mixture that is part of the original recipe and Voila!!!

All ready for the oven!

Cooked and ready to eat!

I love this dish, its so adaptable, the feta with the salmon is also a big hit. Not very interesting for you lot, having to see almost the same dish weekly, but I'm loving it at the moment....sorry!

I have other non-IPD dishes that have be prepared which I will post here but IPD'ers do not be tempted!!!


Marie said...

Hey Tulip, once again, looking wonderfully delish! Wow checked out your pampered chef page. You are one busy gal! Try not to burn yourself out! Would love a catch up on the phone one day. What do you say?

Tulip said...

Burn out? moi? Never...I dont' move fast enough!! lol

I'd love to catch up with you by phone soon as my house guest goes home I'll give you a ring. How was your holiday, Good I hope?

chris said...

I like the look of that recipe!! Do you think I could use leftover chicken in stead of the salmon?? Course I can, I have just answered my own question. Its all these voices talking at once Julie, sorry.