Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 16

Woke up to sunshine again! Doesn't it make you feel so much better? So much so today I will cycle to work and back like I did yesterday. Feel a bit achey today but I'm sure it will go off when I get back on the bike today.

For Breakfast: Leftover Prawn and Chorizo Frittata

Lunch will be a salad with rocket , watercress, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and strips of rare roasted beef. I'm going to make a mustard mayo to go with it..yumyum!!

Dinner: Spinach and Prawn curry with cauliflower rice
Now this was a revelation... I had the curry in the freezer, so it just needed heating up but the cauliflower rice needed doing, I didn't have a fresh cauli only frozen so I popped it into the microwave to steam and cooked it for 6mins, drained it then because I was being lazy and didn't want the faff and mess of using the food processor I 'mashed' it in my large micro cooker with the mix n chop. Now I've not used this tool much, its a sturdy tool that I sell quite a lot of  and customers rave, but I've never found much I've wanted to do with it, until now.... it cut the cauliflower up into tiny little pieces and because the cauli was steamed but still retained some bite, it was a great texture to imitate rice!!

 How cool is that?

At this stage you could then fry it in butter and spices or carry on as your recipe dictates, but this time I just served it as it was with the curry on top as good old fashioned tradition dicates - we didn't need the extra butter, spices or anything as the prawn curry was so full of flavour it just needed to be used as a filler... AND WHAT A GREAT JOB IT DID!!!

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