Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 15 is a Wednesday!

Breakfast: Prawns and Chorizo Frittata to make this dish IPD friendly I subbed the milk for a dash of cream and added, snipped mange tout*. French beans or asparagus would work when in season too. The recipe calls for a 20cm pan but I used the bigger one as it was already on the cooker top (How lazy is that?) My frittata wasn't as thick as it should have been but heck, it was a fab breakfast never the less!! Great cold served with a salad and some homemade mayo for Lunch

Snacks: For him not me as my breakie filled me up enough.  Roast beef wraps with a cream cheese, mustard and cucumber filling.

Dinner: Not sure, breakfast was so lovely and lunch is going to be lovely, I can't think past this, although the fridge has IPD food to cook so I'm not too worried. I'll pop back later and tell you!

* probs not a P1 veg?


Marie said...

Oh my, that all looks so good Julie! I need a mentor!

Tulip said...

Maire, you have the cooking skills to excell at this, you have the book and I'm always here to support you, if you want it, just go for it, Todd will love the new flavours too and you can always add a side of potatoes for him!