Wednesday, 9 March 2011

40 days with the IPD.. come follow me!

Breakfast for one - cooked while I was in the shower,

First I preheated the oven while I got everything out of the fridge. I popped the sausages and bacon in my Pampered Chef medium bar first, then nipped upstairs for a shower, came back downstairs and they were nearly cooked, then added the tomato, put the kettle on, got my plate ready then dropped the egg in... 3 minutes later and the whole thing was done!

One IPD friendly breakfast cooked in no time at all,
No grill pan to watch, no eggs to fry no mess and only one pan to wash at the end
- that's what I call a fuss free breakfast!

Lunch - they said it would be easy to eat this way and still eat out... and as I was driving Bex up to Manchester for an interview, I stopped at a beefeater and had a lovely steak and salad with garlic mushroom... all IPD friendly and delicious! Simples!!!

Because lunch was big I only needed a snack in the evening, so because we were still on the road, we called into a service station and I picked up some Honduran Prawn Cocktail Sauce Dippers, an individual wendslydale cheese, a bag of nut and a bottle of water... again not difficult and I'm feeling a lot better for it.

Bring on day two!

I can't access the forum :-(   Can those luck enough to, let those powers that bee know that their password reset page ain't working!!!

Edited to say: Thank you... its sorted, I'm in... still want you to spread the word tho.... come follow me for 40 days, see who is the bigger loser!!!


Quirky Cafe said...

I went from 13.5 to 9 stone doing the IPD. Alas, over the last stressful year my low carbing went to pot - living on hospital sandwiches! I have put on a stone which I would love to get rid of. I admit that I have just had porridge but from now I am going to try to follow the pink path for Lent. x

Tulip said...

QC - come join me, we can do it together. I plan lunches that my OH can take to work with him so if you need portable food, they will work for you too!
Welcome aboard, the more the merrier!!!

Marie said...

I need to do this I think. I just miss potatoes and bread so much when I try low carbing it.

Tulip said...

Marie - but I get to subtitue bread, pasta and potatoes for very yummy stuff so I dont' feel as if I'm missing out. You can do this and still feed the Toddster, its very do-able with a family too. You just have to want it enough x