Sunday, 5 September 2010

He's so cute I could eat him...

...but I won't!!!

Meet Bobby!

This is Claire's new border terrier puppy Bobby!

This is a photo of him with his brothers [he's the one on the right]

Cooling off on a hot day...

Look at those cute little paw prints, the larger ones belong to Ozzy

Ozzy is not as pleased as we are at have a new puppy in the housee. He's was getting his nose pushed out a little at first, but he is such an anti social dog we figured it could only do him good. In fact one week in and they are pretty much giving each other a wide berth.... one day they may be friends!!! I'll keep you posted!


Marie said...

He's absolutely adorable Julie! What a sweetheart! Sorry Ozzie's nose is out of joint, but I expect he will soon get over it and they'll be the best of friends! xxoo

Jan said...

Sorry I'm a bit late - He's soooo cute - I want him!!!!