Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The World of Food Blogging

I love writing this blog, sharing kitchen tips and recipes with you all! Its fun when I get recognised as 'Tulip' from Tulips Kitchen and apart from the odd stalker (you know who you are...) you are all lovely. Updates have been pretty slow this summer, but its not because we haven't been eating, I've just had no time to sit and type up what I've cooked. The photos are still being taken tho...

This is a spinach quiche using a tortilla wrap as a base, works really well if you get the biggest wrap you can find [these wholemeal ones came from Tesco] and line a stoneware mini baker with it a quiche filling baked on a 180c until the filling was set made me a fantastic light lunch. Crispy and filling but without the stodge or faff of pastry!  Note the homemade salsa on the side... can't get enough of this stuff!

This is a a rhubarb square, so morish you can't just eat one! I like to serve them cold with pouring cream but Mum likes them warm with ice cream. The recipe can be found by clicking here

Feel free to leave a comment, ask for a recipe or help on anything food related, if I don't know the answer I have a gaggle of foodie friends who are bound to know the answer!

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hampers said...

I love your rhubarb squares. I love rhubarb anyway and these look fantastic...maybe even better with some vanilla ice cream. What a treat.