Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cooking for Our Parish Paella Party

Look at the size of that pan!!!!

Do you remember me telling you about the paella practice we had for this church event?  Well it happened, the pan was delivered... it was huge. The recipe was doubled, doubled and then double some more until we have enough for everyone! We had a team of helpers to set up, prep, serve etc and the boys set up the gas!!!

Blurred due to a drunken photographer NOT that Paul was moving too fast...
that would never happen lol

The recipe came together just as well as it did when we practiced for 4 people, OK it took a little longer and it needed four of us to stir it but I was pleased with the outcome.  The recipe was great, very meaty and while it took a lot more stock than I had first anticipated, I quickly got over my nerves about cooking such a huge pot of paella. I spent the previous night dreaming about cooking it and couldn't stir it enough to stop it sticking to the bottom of the pan.... not a good dream I can tell you, I woke up feeling like I'd spent the night cooking paella and didn't fancy doing it all over again in just a few hours time.
 In the end I shouldn't have worried, we all had a great time, the paella was easy to cook and while sometimes I felt like we didn't have enough hands to stir it all, it turned out great!
It didn't stick and was cooked to perfection, even if I do say so myself!

A very relieved cook serving up the Meat Paella

The recipe for a regular 4 serving size can be found here

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Marie said...

That is one HUGE pan! You look like you are right in your element there!! Wonderful!