Sunday, 16 May 2010

I've been award the Happiness and Sunshine Award!!!

Thank you Heather for awarding me with this honour! Heather writes the Lavender Blue I love her blog as when I first knew her she lived in London and was trying all our English food, she now resides back in her native American and her recipes are a mix of all her travels, I love her New York Italian recipes the best, especially the Meatball Sub

As part of the Happiness Award, I have been asked to list 10 things that make me happy, so here you go:
10 Things That Make Me Happy

1) Seeing my daughters happy in what they do, my eldest coming home smelling all doggy and oh so tired from a long day in the kennels, my middle one when she bounces down the road in an outfit only she can carry off or the little one as she allowed to do something the older ones do! Being a mother makes me happy!

2) My friends, Some I have known since I was a little girl, I love them and they love me! 

3) The sound of a cork coming out of a favourite bottle of wine!

4) Having a cuddle from my man

5) Cooking!

6) Drinking good coffee,

7) Watching my red tulips swaying in the wind

8) Ozzy

9) Giving my Pampered Chef host lots of free products

10) Last but not least, receiving Holy Communion

As part of both the Happiness and Sunshine Awards, I have be asked to spread the joy around by mentioning some of the blogs that bring me happiness and brighten my days. I know that some of you don't participate in awards or tags, but I want to mention you just the same, even if you can only accept this with a smile. If you wish to, you may pass on either or both of these awards to some of the blogs that inspire you.

So here are my nominees, which will be for both awards, since each of your blogs have brought me both Sunshine and Happiness:

Marie from An English Kitchen and A Year from Oak Cottage We go back a long time, have great memories of our day trip to France and you inspire Jo to bake on a daily basis. I also have you to thank for my lovely Tulip girl. Your Canadian and English recipes are fantastic!

Jan from Glug of Oil - for great Greek food, fab photos. She's such a foodie and can always inspire me to cook something scrummy for dinner!

Jules from Domestic Goddess in Training - or more recently Butcher, Baker and random stuff maker I've been following Jules for ages, her food is inspirational, experimental and such fun! Her tweets gives a great little taster which makes me head straight on over there.

Belinda from Belinda Bites - Belinda is pretty new to blogging but as a fellow Pampered Cheffer her recipes are usually triumphs from her shows.

Lucy from Teenbaker  - Lucy is only 14yrs old but can teach us old 'uns a thing or two, her blog is fresh and full of fabulous baking. It makes me happy to see  young people enjoying cooking and blogging so much!


Pink Lady said...

Thank you dear heart for the mention! You've made my day! You've also kicked my backside into gear and I've actually gone into my blog and updated it! Cheers again me dears! xx

Jan said...

Awww thank you Julie xoxo

Lucy said...

Thank you for the mention! Your happy things made me smile, and I shall have to get thinking about mine...

Marie said...

Thanks so much for the nod Julie! Your lovely words about me made my day. I Love your list of things that make you happy!! Many of them are the same as mine! I have fond memories of our day trip to France. That was such a fun day! When you coming up to Chester? xxoo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award! I see that a lot of the same things make us happy!