Sunday, 14 February 2010

This is how much I love you....

I don't deep fry very often, I buy take away food even less, but to show my family how much I love them this valentines day I made them Jamie O's Popcorn Chicken and skinny fries! The first time I made this was back in September, when I got his new book for my birthday (Jamie's America) and the kids absolutely loved it and have been begging me ever since to make it again!!

The house smells very oily and the cooker looks like the local chippy but it was definitely worth it, every one said how much nicer it was than KFC....yay, they love me!!!

What with the free range happy chicken from my lovely local butcher, organic plain flour, cayenne pepper and seasoning, what’s not to like!

I cut the chips in my food processor and fried them in the cayenne pepper oil, they were crispy crunchy and very very tasty!!!

Clean plates all round - Thanks Jamie!!!

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Beth said...

I've really go to get around to trying the popcorn cicken - hubby would love me even more!!