Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday lunch for 14…raising money for the Haiti Earthquake appeal

"My heart and prayers to out to the people of Haiti in their hour of need.We must all do what we can to help in whatever way we can to make a difference."

After reading this on Marie's facebook status and then taking part in a PC consultants discussion on what can we do to help, I thought I'd host a Sunday lunch to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

No photos of the food or the people as we were too busy eating and chatting.

I served, Roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots, and sprouts, leeks in a cheese sauce, Yorkshire puddings & homemade gravy.
For dessert we had a choice of apple & sultana crumble and custard or Marie’s sherry trifle
We finished off with coffee and a selection of chocolates that Marie and Andy brought!

A basket was sent round after the meal and with pledges and cash donations we have managed to raise a whopping £325


Marie said...

Way to go Julie and I bet everyone really enjoyed themselves. I applaud you for what you did! You go girl! I wish I hadn't lived too far away to attend!

Nicisme said...

Sounds delish, and a worthy cause too!