Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's all in the preparation....

Looks can be deceiving!

until it comes to homemade mince pies! 
I'd much prefer a homemade ones to a shop bought one any day. First I can make sure the pastry is organic, the mincemeat has NO peel, no currants just the ingredients we like! Sultanas, raisins, cherries nuts, suet, brandy and spices! These little beauties were made in the deluxe mini muffin pan and instead of being topped with another layer of pastry; I made a crumble mixture adding the zest of an orange and a teaspoon of mix spice. They were delicious! Soft buttery pastry with a ‘just right’ mincemeat filling and the topping, when cooked was light, crunchy with a citrus aftertaste. Delicious!

A big thank you goes to Sheila who say the recipe in a newspaper, made them and told me to give them a try. I love it when friends share recipes, don’t you?

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Marie said...

I do love it when friends share recipe. I have gotten some of my favourite recipes from friends like you! xxoo