Monday, 17 August 2009

18th Birthday Tea Party

Our middle child has always been unique...not one for following the crowd and her 18th birthday was no different. We made 'Sex in the City' / Magnolia Bakery type cup cakes with swirls of creamy butter icing and sprinkles. She served them as part of her tea party complete with cake forks sugar cubes and little white napkins. It all looked so sweet and the chatter round the table was lovely too!
She used her Gran's original 1970's tea set

Happy 18th Birthday Bex!!!


Marie said...

Lovely looking cupcakes Julie, and I LOVE your mum in laws tea set!! How wonderful! Happy Birthday Becs!

Jules said...

Fantastic way to spend a Birthday. Cakes look brilliant.

Tulip said...

Thank you guys. Bex had a great day and the cakes and tea set went down really well!

Send Champagne said...

The cupcakes do look good! Yum! Great idea for an 18th!