Friday, 17 July 2009

In Car Picnic

Today I am off to Birmingham for our Pampered Chef National Conference. Last year I had only been with the company for two months so was very wet behind the ears, but I found it all amazing. The training was second to none, the networking was invaluable and the social side wasn't to be missed either. This year I have 14 months experience, a leadership conference under my belt and a mini team to nurture. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
There will be four of us travelling up together, Helen is driving us in Gladys [lovely new car that she bought from her pampered Chef earnings!!!] and I have offered to pack us all an 'in car' picnic as if my memory serves me right, last year the tuna club sandwich purhcased in the hotel lounge bar cost a whopping £12.00!!!!

This is what I've made:

Edited to say:

The food travelled quite well, we had our picnic in our hotel room, which was much more civilised than eating it in the car - they all loved it! The chicken was probably nicer straight out of the oven rather than refrigerated but hey it was still tasty and it all went! No photos unfortunately as we were pushed for time and our tummies were rumbling - sorry!


Marie said...

Am loving the new look on your page Julie and the picnic sounds fabulous! Congrats on having a year PLUS under your PC belt! You rock girl!

Tulip said...

Thank you Marie, picnic was good and conference was even better. I really really love the job I do, and not many people can say that, I feel blessed!

Tulip said...

Also, thanks for your comment on the redecoration job...I did it myself you know ;-) Lol