Thursday, 2 April 2009

Salmon & Dill Mini Quiche

These were delicious!!! I made them in my pampered chef deluxe mini muffin pan. I used a block of ready made puff pastry and lined the tin using the mini tart shaper then I added small pieces of smoked salmon and finely chopped dill. Mixing 4 eggs, a small pot of double cream with salt and pepper in a classic batter bowl, I poured it into the pastry lined tins. Baking them for 12-15minutes was just enough to cook the pastry and brown the tops. I loved these warm but were just as nice once they had cooled.

To make them wheat free or IPD friendly I made them without the pastry and they were just as nice, like little crustless quiches, ideal with a salad for a light lunch or do what I did and pop 6 into lunch box and used them as snacks while at work!

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