Monday, 8 June 2009

Pampered Chef Bailey's Cheesecakes

Such a simple dessert!

I used a block of cookie dough that you can get in the supermarket

Rolled it into walnut shaped balls and put it in my deluxe mini muffin pan  and cooked it on a 180c oven for approx 8-10 mins.Whilst still hot, I used the mini tart shaper  dipped in flour to press out tart shells. I left them to cool slightly, then remove shells and finish cooling on a non stick cooling rack (I love this product, I have two, soon to be three, they are so space saving when cooking up for a crowd!)
While they were cooling I mixed 200g Philadelphia cream cheese with 2tbs icing sugar into ½ to 1 mini bottle Baileys together. (Ok, who am I kidding it was more than a little over a mini bottle!!)
I then piped generous rosettes of cheesecake mixture on to the tart shells using the Easy Accent Decorator, then dusted with grated chocolate. Delicious! The photo doesn't do them justice but they taste divine, one is just not enough!!! I have also used amaretto instead of the Bailey and they were just as scrummy!!!
(note to self, find instructions for camera....need to review the settings!)

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